Yes, this is me, admittedly, many years ago. Some would say that it's deceitful to use a fifteen-year-old photo of oneself. However, seeing me as I am now would almost certainly put you off reading my books - and maybe, your breakfast.

Then I was a Cornwell, Bill Cornwell to be precise, but inconveniently, that name seems to crop up again and again. Only one thing for it, have a nom de plume: Will Harvey. But is it really a nom de plume? My proper name is William and my middle name is Harvey.

Anyway, this author thing; why do I do it? Is it an illness - to write novel after novel without any measurable success? Are my novels rubbish? Are they drab, boring, poorly written?  Haven't I used enough commas? - Perhaps I've used too many? Thirteen literary agents were approached without success... but still I yearn for that day when I'm on the BBC red couch telling everybody how good my novels are!

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The Residents of Wardate, Will Harvey

The Residents of Wardate




Poppy Cock is a charismatic News correspondent who suffers horrific burns from a callous incident whilst on an assignment.

Although the autonomous android - Madeline Bull, is truly ground breaking, there are insurmountable problems. The solution: four brilliant scientists decide to interface Poppy Cock’s disfigured body using a revolutionary radio communication system to their Madeline Bull android. There is a price for this convenient arrangement: Poppy must appear to die then become Mad' Bull and fulfil her intended purpose...

Kingdom of Queens, Will Harvey


 of Queens






Grandpa has a pressing story to tell his twin granddaughters, but it is real or imaginary? He tells of an ancient Kingdom deep within the Patagonian ice fields, which is completely inaccessible and hidden from the rest of the world. This is as intended as it happens to be the home of all the surviving dragons. The fabled creatures now have only two purposes; to protect the people of the kingdom and keep the climate temperate with their fiery breath. Unfortunately, the survival of the Kingdom and the dragons are now seriously threatened – Grandpa is the only one who can restore the Kingdom to its former glory

Return to Wardate, Will Harvey

Return to





Madeline Bull returns as the feisty android in this final instalment. This time she faces her biggest challenges yet. The world is purposely charged with hatred and a new world war is on the horizon. Enter Madeline to thwart the dissenters and calm the world but there are far, far deeper concerns. For other reasons, the world is on the brink of obliteration, genocide is looming. Unknowingly Madeline has been modified and holds the key to save the world – if she really wants to.


 no Calories






Eight Hander 70 minute comedy musical farce


The whole act takes place in the Dunn’s living room. Dick Dunn runs a counterfeiting racket from his basement with the help of his friend and lodger, Derek. A cunning Police operation is setup to catch them in the act. Samantha Dunn, Dick's wife, is oblivious to the illegal goings on but unfortunately gets caught up in the mayhem!

The fruits of Bohemia, Will Harvey

The fruits of Bohemia




Sheridan Banner has a remarkable gift – a gift of perception to rival all who have preceded him. However, his unique abilities are perceived by others as little more than an irritation… until, one day, an abrupt stranger happens to call – the stranger’s name is Mark Watson. His father has disappeared along with eighteen other people. Amongst these eighteen people is Sheridan’s natural father… who he has never met.

Sheridan is unaware that he holds part of the key to finding them.



Again, Will Harvey






Two perfect people, Caban and Keeva, saved from a doomed world, have a very important job to do. 300 million years later absolutely everything rests squarely on their shoulders. It may well involve unimaginable sacrifices and dangers beyond imagination but to refuse the request of an alien, who looks like Caban’s father, is simply bad manners. Caban and Keeva incidentally are Adam and Eve. They say there’s an explanation for most things in life… so just for a while, forget everything you know about everything and open your mind.

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